Linda: Surprisingly cheesy Georgia

A dirt-road village, of which I even do not know the name, somewhere near the border of Armenia hosts a metal container in some magical way brought here from France. And that container contains fully equipped French cheese factory, with Camambert and Roquefort ripening on shelves in neat rows.

This is in Georgia, where during these two months I have found no other cheese as simple salty and sour home-made cheese and a bit tastier sulguni or smoked variety of sulguni.

I asked the cheese master- is there any demand for these cheeses in Georgia? Yes, some people, who live in Tbilisi and Batumi.

The cheese masters some time ago had decided that to make their own business in Georgia, they need to learn the skills, so they borrowed money from all friends and neighbours who had at least some and invested it in going to France and working for a cheese factory there. In the factory they kept their eyes and ears open and in a year had mastered the trade and made contacts with equipment suppliers. Bought the container with good credit terms and brought it to Georgia. The first cheeses are getting ripe on shelves, but debt is still larger than any income generated. Their hope- the change of cheese prefferences of affluent Tbilisians.

I was generously given a present of this rotten cheese, and must say- truly enjoyed it!


  1. Hi Linda, It was very enjoyable to read this article. My name Anna and I am from Czech Republic. I have arrived to Georgia 3 months ago. So far, so good...I like it here. I hope I will have chance to travel and enjoy the new country as much as possible. I will be here one year.
    I wish you all the best! Take care!

  2. Apropos, if you will plan to come to Tbilisi you are welcome to stay in our flat in a center! It should be great to know two ladies with the courage and great sense of humor. Be sure and continue writting because we are enjoying the reading it! Anna :o)

  3. Hi, Anna!
    Nice to hear from someone who actually reads :)

    Can you send me your contacts: lindarom@yahoo.com
    or even better as sms to 857357175 (Geocell)
    We might be in Tbilisi next days !

  4. Hi, glad to hear from you too :o)Thanks for the number and the email address. I just sent you the email from my email box. Look forward to hear from you girls! Have a fun and take care! Should be wonderful to see you in Tbilisi. Come to visit us! We have the holiday on Friday, isnt it ?