At Qvabisnevi hut by Marta

In the Morning when we started walking, we weren’t sure if the guys had passed us or not. Afterwards, while being on the top of the hill Linda got Ditos sms saying they had a broken auto and that they would be at the hut at nine, but it was 8 and we where far from the hut by now. I’m feeling well but each time that we go up for a while remembers me how good would be to do continous exercise everyday and not try to go climbing Everest after taking part on a wedding fest. I should learn how to breath better.Ok, the views where stounishing but unfortunatelly the way to see mount Elbrus was covered from fog. At the end of our path, in the hut where some man, we now wanted to be together before meeting mountain mans that start with their chacha rituals and then ask us about our childrens, but those where waiting for Jaba, even there was one ranger, whinch is not an impediment here somehow to be the first with hang over in the morning. And this one was in a mourninfull mood. They say we should drink. We had already told (tropocientas veces) many times that we don’t drink, but this time I thought I wanted to laught a little about this chacha traditions without being really understood that I was laughting, so I came with the following funny tost by searching through the book: “sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows, at what time it is breakfast?” unfortunatelly, they where to drunk to appreciate my poetry or even I was not able to pronounce many ch an k together, so it was not understood and we let it go. Linda and I had much fun though about this japanish tost and we’ve decided to try to learn it by heart for some future tost oportunities (como diria el gañan: “a veces los de la ciudad venis al pueblo y pensais como que hablamos raro y a lo mejor os llevais una ostieja”). Dito, Giorgi and Jaba, appeared after two, while we were still deciding if we should do all the way down as planned or go with the men, not knowing if it would be another digit bunch when drunk. But it turned out that we where all in the mood to stay longer at the hut. Dito took a horse and offered me to ride a little, which I accepted, even after the previous strange experience cause I somehow trusted him more and cause I never have opportunity of being in a horse at home. Then I was offered to be on one horse myself and I had this two man wandering up and down the hill to take me with the horse. The last way was again funny but on the verge of doubt, cause the man took me a little further, and I was kind of trying to tell him it is further enought. But he wanted to tell me that all the cows there where his, and that he lived down there, and I was thinking, should I give you a pride for having cow or what. We turned back and the rest from the evening was just laught and eat and going to sleep. I had my legs full from mosquito bites, which is really annoying.

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