If Sunday it is the day of the lord, what are we doing at the office by Marta

Don't worry, although some people work on Sunday here, we are just pushing further our blog to keep you fresh with our latest news. I was today in the Waterpark, because I decided not to spoil a marvelous sunnyday being in the internet. So I went to the so called termal bad, which ended to something similar to a green radiactive pond where many people where overloading the carry capacity of the place. At least the river was next to it, so I decided to have a bath there, though the pond it was so how sentimentally related to me, cause at my mothers Home town, we have kind of similar thing in bigger size. A what a memories of childhood, drinking some water from that river was risking 2 days of several diahorrea that it somehow skipped a couple of years. Even one year someone had the great idea of letting open the cleanning above the river so we could see how the place turned from green into deep brown. I miss going there to bath dough. WEll after my 3 km excursion not having it on the whole day I decided to ad one hachapuri more to my stomach when Dito called, because he was at the office with Linda and they kind of asked themselves where I was, due to I said linda I would be there in a couple of ours, but I used my spanish-georgian joker and it turned out to be 5 hours. At least I have ended with the balkan management paper. I cheated somehow, cause I skip a couple of pages but shhh, don't tell Linda, hehehe. Well I realized today by reading his blog that the american guy james was here for a couple of days while we were in the mountains, what a pity!

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