No possible to call to Europe by Marta

After two days of unsuccesful tries to showers with cold water, which I really hate, unless is under the sun. I came the third day to see if it was warm water, but there was no water at all. So somehow the man heated a buck of water and then I was telling Linda that we would have to use the buck on the floor and water ourselves as if we where flowers, when I realized the man had heated two bucks and I only needed 1/4 of it. Was I not so good at cleanning or it was too much water?. I thought about how much water do we loose every shower, and I felt that we badly needed a shower on the courtyard with some wood cabinet and the chickens running arround.

We went to read the documents in the park. I wanted to run on the rollercoaster, because it remembers me the 7 peaks roallercoaster that used to be in Madrid Amusement park, when it looked like a clustered 60’s saturday’s and festivities reunion park and not another commdemned thematic park, but doing it alone does not make fun, so we just sat, make siesta and readed.

I decided it was both time to find a cabin to talk to my parents and try to attempt again to make a conversation with locals, so I went to the promenade in the park and I took a old lady who was sitting there for asking where to find a cabin, as spected, we entered on a nonsense circle of georgian words, that ended with a 20 old boy, appearing from somewhere and asking me in a very good english if I needed any kind of help. “I need a cabin to call spain”-“it is not possible” I understood there is no cabin in Borjomi, although I so old grey ones in Tblisi and linda said in soviet times the people went frequently to the post, so hopless for the day, I postponed one day more my “london calling”.

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