workshop on what to do if your trekking partner disappears in a forest by Marta

We were talkking about the maps, as we would later realice ourselves, that maps where pretty crappy to be your only option to rely on. As I said, those should be the ones giving for free, not to let poor alone trekking inconscients on their own luck on this park, cause then they would have to go to fish them (they told us a story about a couple of israelies being lost, and that the woman took the fly back and from israel, called to say that his husband was lost for two days in the park. They found him lost and totally drunk!! Madre mia, como se puede ser tan hijo de puta, igual la mujer tenia un amante o algo porque vamos que penca la tia) But improvements have to be done by at least putting hours, altitude differences or where to find the water (not even at the map, cause in the hut where we had a missunderstood there was water, but not indicated, well ,to be faire in the english version they deliver you to another hut with chacha locals than in the local version, hehehe, somehow really stupid from the agency)

I wanted to watch the videos on the park at that day, cause I thought it would be good to see how they could offer a general mind of the park before entering it, at the ende it was 4 videos in a row, but I think they where really good, at least better as I expected them.

I learned from Linda the good option of really write what we would eat the next whole week, but I was just thinking on adding more chocolate and chorizo, yeah, I bet I would die on a coronary desease if I still thinking like that.

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