Disco-Disco partisani by Marta

We meet an israeli guy on the morning wich appeared again in the afternoon in one of our intersted visits to the tourist information, a place that need more of both things that give it a name, but rouled by the simpathic Artur and his classical music and jazz taste: Quoting him again: “hearing music, yes, you can go to the church for that” . Well, we ate at the office, there I discovered a delicious green sauce that they do with plumbs, how I hate them, but how delicious is this sauce with bread. The building were whe work is kind of comfy, but I would find more light and things for the kitchen, it does not reseamble the kitchens in Freiburg, but at list there is a kitchen, not like in Spain. But we always miss tea bags here and I would prefer to drink my bad nestcafe cafĂ© with milk.

We were also in the post office at 5, but it was already too late, although the man offered I could call from directors office. But I don’t feeled myself so important to visit a director that day. So I decided to give a try to georgian movil cards and postcards.

We went to a restaurant with Matan, he explained somehow how is life in kibbuts and I was remebering the story of Jakob, visiting one of them when his companion said they could go to Jerusalem with his aunt, but then the aunt didn’t appeared and his companion suggested to hitch-hike by the words “ if I say run, just run, ok?” or the story of Steffi in this love and friendship parade through the dessert, where the rest of the groups had one armed man with them. And afterwards an improvissed disco was made for us.

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