Keeping in touch with your family when you are on your south project by Marta

We were giving spare postcards on our office made some time ago from some promotional porpouses, so happy that I was , I accompained Levan and Natia to the city, to visit again the post office.Great excursion, entering this huge and empty soviet place with 4 people siting on the corner just chatting and many cactus and plants. I asked for some stamps to Germany and Spain, when I saw her coming, she produced some plastic folder with all the differents staps of georgia. My old stamps collectionist feelings came up to me, wanted to have them all, and my practical side of view was asking it self, why this woman needed to fish every time the desired prices from this mess, instead of separating the stamps through prices. But the best was that she had a fax there, probably as a reminder that the future is coming, because she needed an ABACUS, to calculate how much money I should pay her.. an ABACUS (yo alucinaba en colores, se me estaba haciendo el culo pepsicola de tanto gusto, por favor, si hay calculadoras que valen 1 euro y aqui tienen un fax).

In the tourist office, and after having decided our trekking plan, we met an american guy, who had a pretty big contact with the chacha culture at his lunch time (I’m happy I have succeded in not being pushed to drink alcohol) so that turned with he dancing with Lisa in the tourist information. Appart from his insistance in putting his cool music, always followed by a kind of mouthing sound like mouth clatching, that time to time he repeated, it was really funny try to talk to my mother from the skype, when she thinks I’m kind of in hells land, and this “mad drunk” coming and shouting something at the screen (wasaaaaaaap!). My poor mother leaving the skype by being upset cause she thought almost that I was on drugs or something like that and me trying to explain her that this man having overcome his drinking limit was not extendable to me being in any bad situation or actitude, that I just couldn’t avoide this man to come inside the room while he was drunk cause I was at the tourist information. Indeed, that was pretty much the situation when you realice how bad alcohol can be to some persons, cause this guy is actually an expert on renewable energy, who was involved on the las Johannesburg summit in 2002.

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