Nothing better to do after a shoutting evening than drinking chacha for breakfast by Marta

After what it should be the last awful and woody sleeping night, because, who decided it is a great idea to sleep on a wood bench!! We got up and there was fire, already made by Jaba. When we where eating the mixture of pasta and fish with Sneackers and chicken soup for the breakfast (yes, riete de los desayunos con bacon) this peculiar yogi hunter came (hecho un pincel) clean after the night of alarm shooting, like always left his wife at home, maybe because as Dito confessed us later, he didn’t wanted the guys to fuck her, they could but fuck us instead?? So the Chacha (homemade vodka) ritual started even before 10h. I asked myself, that is even better that the people drinking Carajillos (cafe with a shot), cause they at least wait till 12h in Spain. In one of this Tamada tost, he tosted on us not to forget him. And I sarcastly commented Linda, that he should not worry to having a place on my memory, but that I would really prefer to put him on a place on my oblivion. Because remember is good but forget is sometimes even better. So we went down the hill, it was hot, so I take my t-shirt off, put my sun glassed and decided that no hungry or tiredness should bother me, cause the sooner down the better to eat. We made some photos with Jaba’s camera, cause my camera was tired of working from the scout camp. Sometimes makes strange things. Linda was our guide but as the others where the ones who knew well the area, they let her always get extraviate when the marks where not fitting her path with a malicious but sane laught in their faces as they used the silent sign of putting the index in front of their mouths to tell me I should not disturb their games, by loyaly giving advice to her that she was out of the way. In a point of the way, Dito, which really enjoys being (un cabroncete) as funny as the guy from “home and alone” when the robers are supposed to be back at his place, put as all out of the path to let Linda go. I tried to complain saying I have a contract owing my loyality to her and that she would not return but sit somewhere in the way and wait, as the previous days, so the situation ended on being funny of me. Because first he said, “shh, she comes” I tried to push myself against the hill not to be seen and after a minute the tree of them where laughting at me, then he was explaining we should be quiet and started to through me water, so I could not shout back and they where laughing again. Of course I took my little revenge throwing them water back. In the top of the mountain before, we had heard strange exploding noises, like the ones when throwing fireworks at popular events, but they tell that was arm training. It frightents me out a little, cause I’ve never heard an army training. Down, we become that after 5 days of a shortage of cleanniness, we will be the special gests on the local business meeting from the park.(yeah, I yo con estos pelos) So we came there and there was eaters paradise, after five days of porridge, I didn’t knew if I should start from the cake or from the chinkali. I think my stomach didn’t know it either and all that ended with me feeling dizzy in the toilette. But after doubting to take another UZARA shot, because I so I had half run out of the bottle, not being even on my first month, we where safe at home.

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