Linda: getting ready for trekking

Did not even try to arrange hot water, so had a cold shower- it is simply easier to get used to cold showering.

At office had a meeting on new trekking maps that the park wants to create and print for the use of individual visitors. Remembered the best trekking maps I had seen and used in my life- the Japanese ones, but was realistic of what is possible here. In the end we came up with quite a comprehensive list of items that should appear on the map and I was trying to explain the importance of putting a GPS coordinates table on the back of it as well- for me it is the first thing I try to find before I go trekking. Having a GPS device with the points already in it saves a lot of situations, where you would get lost otherwise- an important issue, as the trail marking in the park here is far from perfect. Visitor Management administration wants to create a possibility for individual trekkers to go in the park on their own and a good map is the first precondition to it, still there is much to be added to make it really work- improving trail marking, publishing trail descriptions etc. 

Decided to watch the informative and educational video material of the park- movies about the park, its flora, fauna and landscapes that gave us a good insight of what we might expect to see and experience in the park, but when I think about the possible target audience of these videos- the general park visitors, they could be made more concise and appealing, less “scientific”, ‘cause even me being greatly interested in the topic I got bored at some moments.

At home cooked a veggie meal labeled “typical vegetarian” by Marta and eating on the roof terrace beside our door enjoyed the change from fried and heavy food a lot. The Spanish blood in Marta demanded for siesta afterwards while I did our trek route and food planning.

Shopped for all the items needed for hiking and late at night we were finally ready to hit the trails of the park next morning.

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