Home sweet Home by Marta

Today we got up and it was cleanning day, well before cleaning that linda took more seriously than me, I went to the shop and as sometimes my saviour german/georgorwellian book was sleeping at home a little bit more, so armed with my 3 numbers ori(2), chuti(5) and schwiteri?(7) I came inside different shops and buyed tomatoes, potatoes and toilette paper (I’m so getting used to this recycled carecing touch on my bottom that I even choosed to buy it in a store where there were only two left of this type and the others where normal) after always not beeing sure of how many laris should I get in return? Then back home, cleaning, bla, bla... I decided to go for water to the place after the big ruinous soviet building and when I was passing through the “bus hangar” then there mouth clatching american was there, wasn’t he suposed to be already out of town 2 days ago? How many days can this guy sleep at the train station? Well I just barely say good travel because he had a food almost in his already runing “marschrutka”. Coming back from the fountain, Artur was on the information place so I came to say hello, there was a couple of Schottisch people. Later on I show polnish ones and we introduced ourselves to them. I tried to continue the blog on the information shelter, but Artur was downloading classical music from Lisz. Not my day to “robbery” his internet so we came to the internet cafe where after a couple of hours I get nervous of how many time I spend there and not beeing jumping outside in the park. The bad issue was the somehow confusing news about russian troops starting to “touch me the member”(for spanish people) or to say it normal to be forcing the situation (or maybe are the georgian ones? I don’t now) but let’s see tomorrow. The old woman in the internet cafe is great, we have long chats without words, cause I don’t understand what she says but I find her really amusing. I forgot my glases so I had to do the same way twice. I came to the didi moedani, or the way how I tried to explain main square, but insted of one and a half hours, we had spend 3h in internet, so there was no trace of the polnish bunch. Then I thought in the minutes that would take linda to come up and meet me, I could buy me an ice cream to find out that linda had come up with the same thought. Sometimes I see this funny connections but not all the times I say Linda, cause then I enjoy them without sounding that that’s not true. Linda wanted to go home, but I’m more in my sauce being outside on warm summer nights so I decided to drove myself to the park, to see if I found the polnish people or dito, but all the kiosks in the park are yellow and I’m quite shy sometimes so I just tried to spot from the way. Seeing nothing I decided to go first further to the waterpark and enjoy the delightful situaltion of the people sitting outside. But when I was a couple of meters away from the entrance something exploded and that half of the city was dark. It remembered me how funny it was in a summer party years ago in spain when it happened the same and there was many people in party mood outside. And as you feel really safe in this place at night I decided to come back home on the darkness, just to look by that jesus (or his representant in the earth put in form of two iluminated crosses on the top of the hill) was having light and I instantly sarcastically thought “yeah, god lights my way”. At least not the whole city was dark, that was why the cross where still iluminated, cause I thought it would have being funny that they put more effort not to loosing the light of god, than to loosing the light of the people. Linda read me what we where doing on the eleventh so I got this mood of writing backwards what I remember.

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