Linda: tourist fun in resort town

Decided to give a try to the complicated system of heating up water for shower, after unsuccessful joined efforts with the grandfather of the house, ended up warming the water in two buckets, which was enough for us both to shower and wash our clothes.

Decided to study park documents that we need to acquaint with do to our project task in the Mineral Waters park- the pulsating heart of this resort town boasting fancy kitsch lighting at night (imagine a small cliff lighted by changing colours and a deer made out of Christmas tree lights standing proudly on the cliff), and various fun- rides at day- Boeing flight simulator, wild west train ride, chance to do a lot of bumping into each other with electric cars. There are also new, but already non-functioning cinema in the park and a state of the art design brand new swimming pool, that is not functioning yet, due to water heater system failure, and, of course, the famous salty, warm mineral water in unlimited amounts- very good for health and in Marta’s opinion of very bad taste. Me having drunk bottled Borjomi water since my childhood I enjoyed this somewhat more concentrated and heated up version of the drink. Settled down in a wooden tea-house to read the papers and spent there many hours reading, falling asleep, waking up again and reading. I am amused how Marta is able to fall asleep in the most strange places and situations and does it several times per day usually preceding it by saying “I need to rest for 5 minutes”, and then I know, she’ll be away in the other reality for an hour at least.

Back home discussed accommodation fee with Natia and agreed on 500 GEL (approx. 250 EUR) or 250 GEL each per month, which is 3 times more than I paid for my not-shared room of incomparable living conditions in Riga. This “global south” is somehow expensive :)
Agreed also that we are free to host visitors in our room- as many as we want as long as we and the family all feel comfortable with it. So, please, come and visit us in Borjomi!

The fruit are great here- subsisted on cherries and watermelon today.

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